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Beauty by Katie Millington- Skincare & Beauty Industry Professional

  • Bridal Manicure At-Home - Create your perfect Wedding Nails!

    Your big day is approaching! If you've decided to still get married in 2021- chances are your wedding may or may not be as you planned- meaning a slight change of arrangements. Whilst the salons are closed, you may feel like the wedding nails had in mind won't be happening- but that's where I am to help. DIY bridal manicure with my easy to use at-home nail kits!
  • Take care of your nails at home...the Navy Professional way!

    Whilst we should always look after our nails at home- the monthly professional manicure usually does all the hard work for us. But now, whilst the salons are temporarily paused, you may want to know how to keep those claws tamed and neat ourselves until they re-open again! I can help you with that...